Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dallas... To go or not to go? That is the question.

Kyle found out this week that he is going to have to go to Dallas to work for maybe a month. BOO. Luckily, since I do not have a job, I can with him! YAY! We were supposed to leave on Monday, but now plans are on hold while they get paperwork together. UGGGHHH! You just never know with his job! God is definitely teaching my lots of patience right now, and He is teaching me that I cannot always be in control!

Hopefully, if he is going to have to go, it will be soon, so we can hopefully be back in Little Rock for Thanksgiving. You can see though, that this is a lot of hopfullys. LOL

Today we visited a park called Allsopp Park. We hiked one of the trails, and it was beautiful! Tomorrow we are going to a reception that our new church holds for people that are new to the church and who want to know more about how they can get involved!

Pray for Kyle and me during this time of transition. I know God is going to use us here, teach us big things, and grow Kyle and I closer to Him!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Market Street Cinema

So I found this really cool cinema today in Little Rock. It plays films that aren't in most theaters. I went to see a really good film called Bright Star about John Keats, the poet. Yes, I went by myself, but I must say I enjoy going alone sometimes. There is something peaceful ad rejuvenating about it. I know... I am way too deep:) (but lets not tell my mom... she would still freak out if she knew I went ANYWHERE by myself!)

The job hut is back off to a pretty good start. StaffMark, an employment agency here in LR, is helping me look for a job. They sent my resume somewhere today! Well see how it goes.

Kyle is still liking his job although he doesn't have much to do there right now. I am sure it will pick up soon though!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pull Chains... Never thought I would have to buy this stuff!

So I officially bought my first pull chain today! (you know, the things you attach to the fan to make it longer) Only I am not good at measuring so I bought a 3 foot long pull chain... Let's just say Kyle and I don't even have to sit up straight to turn the light or fan on! Haha! Convenient huh! I think so...

The weather is beautiful today! If only I were an artist... the view from our balcony would be perfect to paint: a calm, serene lake with a background of a hill full of autumn colored trees and a white church steeple sticking just above the tree tops..... I know, it's like a dream right. If you ever want to be reminded of God and his glory, just look outside our apartment window! He truly is the lover of my soul!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My first Turn Down :(

Well I applied for a job last week and found out today that I did not get it. Bummer. But that's just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes I guess. I must admit, I am a bit disappointed, but I am still content knowing that God does have a job out there for me. He loves me and has my best interest in mind. I am going to a staffing agency sometime this week, so we will see how that goes.

On the bright side, if I don't find a job soon, it will be nice to have the holidays off! :) Things will work out for the best!

This Sunday, Kyle and I are going to start going to a Bible Study at the church we have been going to! It will be fun to meet some new people!

"Dinner Parties" and unemployment :)

Last night I cooked for some of Kyle's co-workers for the first time! I think it went over pretty well! We had chicken spaghetti, salad, and rolls. Could of been better maybe, but the recipe called for processed cheese, and I was not about to risk putting that in there with guests over!

I still don't have a job. I know, I know... it's only been a little over a week, but I get anxious looking. Pray for me that God would give me patience through this process and that I would wait on the perfect job I know He has for me. (somewhere out there:))

I am going to each lunch with Kyle today! Leftover chicken spaghetti (minus the processed cheese) :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Visit from Mom

Mom came this past weekend to see our new apartment. I am so blessed to have such an amazing mom!

We had a great time this past weekend... went to some fantastic restaurants and finished getting stuff I needed for the apartment! Kyle took some really cute pics of us!

All moved in!

So Kyle and I got to Little Rock last Friday! Friday, because we had NO furniture yet, we slept on the living room floor. It's nice to have a bed now, but I must say, things are so much simpler with not as much stuff! The movers came with our furniture Saturday afternoon, and we spent the rest of the weekend unpacking. It's nice to finally get to use all of our wedding gifts!

I think we are really going to like living in Little Rock. There is so much to do here and get involved in! There are lots of places to run and go on walks, great places to eat and shop (personally my two favorite things!), and lots of other things to keep us entertained!

We found an awesome church less than one minute from our home. I think it will provide Kyle and I lots of resources to grow in our relationship with God. They have a bible study specifically designed for women who just moved here! I am going to start that in January since this semester's study is almost over.

Kyle has started his job here in Little Rock, and he really likes it! Now, if I could just find one too! I just started the job hunt last week, and I know God is faithful and has the perfect job for me. Pray that I will be patient and wait on Him.

God truly is amazing. He really had Kyle and mine's best interest at heart when He chose Little Rock for us! Our father is really looking out for us!

I am posting some pics the view from our balcony! Soon I will posting pics of our new apartment!

Never thought I would be a blogger...

So, I never thought I would be blogger, but Becky's blog was just so darn cute, I thought I would go ahead and make my own. Besides, this is the best way for Kyle and I to let everyone know how we are! I know must of you just sit around and wonder, " I wish I knew how Jillian and Kyle were doing..." Well now you do! HAHA!