Thursday, March 8, 2012

Oh, Emotions...

When will I learn to quit begging for Kyle's work schedule every month! I set myself up every time... hopeful for all days and no weekends... and more times than not, my hope for the ideal schedule is crushed as the words "nights" "weekends" and , worst of all, "TDYs" slap me in the face. Last night was no different... Kyle sheepishly walked into the bed room and proceeded to rub my back, so I knew it wasn't good. I quit listening after the words "Out of town for a month."

Nope, Kyle will be out of town for a month...Grrrrreat. Well, at least the Grrrr part is accurate.

Yes, I cry just about every time he has to go. It doesn't seem to get any easier no matter how many times he goes out of town. Yes, it could be worse... he could be gone for months or even a year. But my emotions still get the best of me.

A lady at work shared something with our department during our prayer time last week... it was about choosing to respond to situations based on God's truth and not based on our emotions. A sign of spiritual maturity is responding based on what is true and not based on how I feel.

Not responding based on how I feel...This has been a hard lesson for me. It's something I struggle with, and I think probably something I will always have to fight. When I am mad, I respond in anger, when I am sad, I want pity, when I feel like I deserve better, I seek out to get what I want... "What I deserve."

I deserve to be sad and wallow in self pity because Kyle has a crazy work schedule and goes out of town on short notice, right... Right?

The truth is that when things don't go my way, it is an opportunity to respond in a way that glorifies God... it's an opportunity to be an example of Christ. I want to live my life in such a way that I look for opportunities to grow in my walk with the Lord and to let Christ shine through me. I've learned that this is not easy! That's why it's so important to respond based on God's Word and not on my emotions. I guarantee you, I will choose myself every time if I make decisions off of how I feel. It's why so many couples can't communicate, why so many people are scarred by hurtful words...why so many marriages end in divorce. We choose to make decisions based off of how we feel and not based off of God's Word... not based off of what is true.

I know I will still get sad when Kyle has to go out of town... still cry here and there... it's not the emotion that's wrong.. it's what we choose to do with that emotion.

Before I finish, I would like to add as small disclaimer: a little retail therapy never hurt anyone. :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Let's try this blog thing again...

So, I officially wrote one blog for the entire 2011 year! That's pitiful! I do actually enjoy blogging when I sit down and do it, but that is the problem! Actually sitting down to do it! I have found that it is definitely a discipline.

I started a new job back in June of last year with FamilyLife, a marriage and family ministry that seeks to strengthen marriages and families and build them on the foundation of Christ. It has been the greatest blessing for me to work there! The work environment is so encouraging and motivating! On the downside of work things right now, my boss has decide to take another job. While I am so happy for him and excited for him to see how God uses him in hi new role, I am so sad to see him go! He has been such a blessing to work for. For me, this does mean change as far as who my new boss will be and probably some changes in my administrative duties. Admittedly, change is hard for me... I am a planner... I like things to go according to my plan... this was not in my plan! But I know God is good and will provide. Fortunately, my new boss is a really great guy! I know that I will enjoy working with him, but you know, change, even when it's not necessarily bad change, can still take some getting used to. I know God's hand is definitely in all of this!

Rewind back to October Of last year... I ran my first half marathon! It was so rewarding to set a challenging goal and meet it! I am planning to do another sometime this year, but I think the half marathon is a far a distance as I will ever shoot for! I just don't think the marathon is for me... actually it boggles my mind that that long of a distance is really for anybody! The time commitment for the half was plenty!

Now back to, well, now...

Kyle and I have deemed 2012 the "Year of FUN." We are seeing what we can get ourselves into! Not that having kids won't be fun, but we are really wanting to enjoy time together and make the most of it while it's just us! (DISCLAIMER: And it will still be just us for a while!!)

We went to St. Louis back in January, and had the best time! We visited the Arch, a beautiful cathedral, had some amazing BBQ, went to the CITY MUSEUM (like being in an adult playgroud created by Dr. Seuss!!!), annnnd had our first experience with Airbnb!

Airbnb is a site that you can book on to stay with other people in their homes. Crazy. I know. But it's the year of fun! What a neat experience! We stayed with a couple about our age. Getting to know them was so neat! (We even went to lunch with them one day!)Now, I am not suggesting anyone stay with creepers... the website is very reputable and the people had lots of good reviews! I am saying, let's step out of our little bubbles and be opened minded! I mean, Jesus didn't book a room at the Holiday Inn. He stayed with others. In their homes. And impacted a lot of people with the Gospel that way. Not that there is anything wrong with getting hotels! It just felt so real to chose to engage with other people we didn't know (even just for a few days)and hear about their life. So rewarding!

Check out Airbnb...

Annnd check out the City Museum: the coolest, most unique place I've ever been!...

I can't believe it's already March! The year is already flying by!

Kyle's 25th birthday is March 31st. We are looking forward to celebrating and cooking out with friends and then can't wait for our family to come up the weekend of his birthday!

I am set to run a 10K in April and then Kyle and I are doing a Warrior Dash in May! The Warrior Dash ...( is a 3.4 mile run with different obstacles sprinkled in throughout the route! Kyle and I are super pumped about it!

Let's see if I can double my blog posts this year!