Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Time Flies!

And just like that... another month is GONE! Time doesn't stop for anything does it?! Considering we have to work 40 hour weeks and don't always have the same days off, Kyle and I have still had an enjoyable summer so far!

We love our community group! God really blessed us when He put us in this group! We have made some great friends so far. We are thankful for the time we get to spend with them, and are lucky to have the opportunity to get to know some great people! The group has moved into what we call "Casual Summer." We were able to all go to the Arkansas Traveler's Baseball game a couple of weeks ago. It was HOT, but it was a lot of fun! We are looking forward to the other fun activities planned for the rest of the summer!

Two very good friends of mine recently were engaged! Amanda McLendon will be getting married to "Mr. Wright" (LOL) on March 5, 2011, and Amanda Beck will marry Drew May on March 26, 2011. TWO weddings in one month! I am honored to be the Matron of Honor in Amanda McLendon's wedding!

The Fourth of July is coming up! Unfortunately, Kyle has to be out of town for a whole week, which means no 4th of July plans with him! On a positive note, my parents are driving up to see me! Now, if only Jennifer would come too!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's been how long?!?

So the time can get away from you sooooo fast! I cannot believe I have not blogged in over 4 months. It's seems like this year has gone by way too fast! We are almost half way through it! Quick Recap:

February: We were able to visit some of our very best friends: Andrew, Emalee, Brandon, and Jennifer in Birmingham. What a great time we had, getting to hang out with some of our TROY friends! We celebrated Valentine's Day with dinner out at the Bonefish Grill! AMAZING!

March: Some of our friends since high school, Ty and Jennifer were married in March! Kyle and I were both in the wedding (Kyle was the Best Man). It was so fun to spend a few days at home with family and friends.

April: Not long after being home for the wedding, we returned home again... this time was not so joyous. Kyle's Aunt Nena passed away from liver cancer and liver failure. She was such a fun person to be around. You couldn't be in a bad mood when you were around Nena! We were able, though, to spend time with our nephews, Cade and Cole, which was a lot of fun. It was also a blessing to be home for Easter.

May: Kyle worked in St. Louis the end of April through the beginning of May. I hate having to be home without Kyle, but I was able to spend time with new friends, build relationships at work (we went out for Cinco de Mayo!) and just have some time for myself. It was good time for me, but I was sooo glad to see him when he came home, and I am hoping he won't have to leave again anytime soon!
My parents and sister also came to visit in May. We had an awesome time! We visited the Arkansas museum of History, the museum of Discovery, rode the Trolley, and went to some great restaurants. I miss them so much, especially right after they leave!

And now it's JUNE!! WOW!