Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm a terrible blogger!

I should really keep up with this better! I get side tracked!

Kyle and I went on a little adventure last week... we drove to Mt. Magazine, about 2 hours from Little Rock, to hike one of the trails there and camp overnight.

After first starting out...Let's just say I'm glad the hike got better. We started the trail at the top of the mountain, so our first couple of miles were made up of slow, careful step down, slippery, snowy rocks. FUN right?

A bit farther down the mountain, the good Lord must have heard my prayers, because the terrain straightened out and the snow cleared.

The next few miles were better, but I was ready to stop for the night. We found a camp sight on the trail about 4.5 miles in. Since eating tends to be a hobby of mine, making smores,sausage dogs, and baked potatoes was fun. Snuggling by the warm fire with Kyle? FUN! Sleeping in the cold on the ground? EHhhh, not so much. We called it a night at a rousing 7:30 p.m. and toughed out the cold until morning.

We heard rumors of bears being in the woods, but, luckily, we managed to avoid seeing any. We hiked the 5.5 miles out the next morning. Boy, was I glad to see that car.

As uncomfortable as these kinds of trips can sometimes be, I am thankful for them. It's good for me to live outside of comfort zone for a bit to both be thankful for how I do live and more to experience the greatness of God's creation... to get away from the world and just be in the presence of the Lord.

The time Kyle and I spend together is precious. I am thankful for a husband who desires to get away with me, and who wants to experience adventures with me. Yeah, it was cold, but my soul was warmed on this trip. :)


  1. So fun!!! We love camping too :) or being out in nature... you are right about getting away and just being in simplicity, which points to the Lord